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Enter in Peace ~ Receive Enlightenment

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Meet SSuzanne

S Suzanne Grandon is a visionary whose soul purpose is Birthing New Realities and Upliftment of Consciousness. 


She came into this world through the union of a scientific father and artistic mother, both of whom nurtured and challenged her to grow beyond all perceived limitations.  


As a teacher, speaker, consultant, and leader, SSuzanne humbly harnesses opportunities to seed and nurture new ideas whose time has come. 

*Original Portrait:

SSuzanne's Seshat Receiving by Daniel E Maddux

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Birth ~ Death ~ Transitions into Higher Conciousness

What does it take to birth:
~a baby through your body
~an idea whose time has come
~a new culture, country, or worldview?
What does it take to give birth to a New You?

Come with an open mind and

a willingness to explore.

Her gifts are many 

Her goal is "To Serve" 

and Her choice is to say

"Yes" to a Bright Abundant Future for All!

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What Others Say

     I have known S Suzanne Grandon for approximately 32 years. Professionally and personally, we have worked very well together. Her knowledge, insight and abilities go far beyond anything I could express. S. Suzanne Grandon and Star Woman Crystals have collaborated on her facilitating international tours, educational seminars, wholesale transactions and many business consultations and interactions. She has always been professional, forthright, clear in all communications, highly intelligent and exceptional in knowing what to do at the right time and place.

     She is truly a phenomenal citizen of the world, understanding harmony, respect and compassion for all people, everywhere, are the keys to each of us walking forward.

~Shari Gackstatter, Co-owner of Star Woman Crystals, Tempe AZ



     I have known S. Suzanne Grandon for more than 16 years. During that time we have been professionally associated in numerous ways. These include, and are not limited to, counseling, consultation, leadership, and collaboration in the areas of international/multi-cultural education/ training, international spiritual group tours, multi- cultural spiritual/healing ceremonies, international indigenous gatherings, project planning/development, business mentorship, investments, and independent living together.

     I have known SSuzanne to live her life in integrity. Her dedication, knowledge, and wisdom, have earned my respect along with that of many people of different ages from diverse backgrounds and ethnic origins, both in the United States and abroad. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship for many years to come.

~ Susan Mountain Deer Griffin, Universal Shaman, Spirit World Tours, AZ



     It is always an honor and delight to collaborate with true blue beings of light and love like yourself. Please know how much I honor and support your work and our connection. The time has come and I am so glad that you stayed on the planet to help us.

I continue to send you love and light and once again allow me to help you in any way.

~ Rev. Janice Hope Gorman, Founder and Director of Hope Interfaith Center, Mankato, MN


These last nine years have been an amazing time. 

During this time

SSuzanne has been deeply involved with planetary missions ~ communicating

with those of the

unseen/invisible realms. 


SSuzanne’s collaborations

include several projects,

some of which had to be shelved

awaiting  a time when the

world is ready to receive them well.

The time is now!!!

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